SSC Klingan is growing like mad


Since Staffan Hällgren, previously employed as a fitter at SSC Klingan, be-came part owner and MD, the company has been through a substantial face lift. At that time they were located in Kåge. At the turn of 2003/2004, SSC Klingan moved into larger premises on the Hedensbyn industrial estate in Skellefteå.
In 2005, carpenter Fredrik Nystedt joined as part owner and product man-ager. He had just finished his education as computer engineer at Luleå Technical University. Once these two visionary leaders had joined forces, it created a dynamic that brought with it a quick development that included the introduction of good deal of new technology.
“Now we have 20 employees. We also reckon on employing another 2-3 people over the next few years”, says Hällgren.

Really good order

The company has now outgrown its current premises and the municipal property holding company Polaris, who owns the SSC Klingan premises, has seen to it that the area has been increased by around 700 sq.m. New ma-chinery for a total of three million SEK is in place and the whole company has been trained in lean work.
“We have got a really good order at all levels of the company, which is nec-essary now when we are starting the exciting journey towards significantly higher turnover”, Hällgren states.
When it comes to the new machines, it is their task to increase flexibility and speed up manufacturing of the complex products. SSC Klingan manufac-tures glass partitions, interior doors and entrances, glass partitions being the largest product group. These products go to offices, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.
“Everything is custom-made and there are no finished models in stock”, Fred-rik Nystedt tells us.

Facades for MOOD Stockholm

SSC Klingan’s latest prestige project is the manufacture of shop facades for the exclusive MOOD galleria in Stockholm that was inaugurated 23 March. Not one of the facades of the 60 shops is like another.
“It really works. Six shop facades a week were delivered so it was a very tight schedule”, Fredrik Nystedt states.
The manufacture of interior glass partitions for the Rislökka kompetense-senter, which will be a large high school in Oslo, is now in the pipeline at SSC Klingan and historically, the entrance of the Swedish Riksdag is proba-bly their most famous product.

More committed sales process

The company has been part of the SSC group for a long time. That means SSC handles all marketing and sales.
“We have become more involved in the sales process in recent years, where our clear 3D drawings are a great support for the SSC sales force”, says Nystedt.
Staffan Hällgren notes that SSC Klingan’s membership in SSC is a pre-requisite for the rapid expansion that awaits.
“SSC is a strong brand name and a guarantee that the entire delivery to the customer maintains the highest quality and that the customer receives good service throughout the length of the project”, he says.
Peter Forsséll, CEO of SSC Skellefteå, sees a very bright future ahead for SSC Klingan.
“They’ve prepared well for the expansion and we are very happy to have them as a member and able to offer their products to our customers”, he says.

SSC Klingan inaugurates the new premises Friday 27 April.