SSC delivers 1000 doors to new luxury hotel in Norway

Joinery supplier SSC in Skellefteå has received an order worth millions from the expansive region of Stavanger. This time it is for more than 1000 doors of different designs for the new and spectacular Clarion Energy Hotel.

The order is one of SSC’s largest individual door orders in terms of volume from Norway and Stavanger. The delivery is for different type of wooden doors for the 400 hotel rooms and suites as well as the conference sections and other spaces. The order means a continued positive trend for SSC in the Stavanger region, Norway’s oil centre with an intense growth.
“We’ve been lucky in this part of the country. The new hotel build is just one of many orders worth millions that we’ve been able to get. Previously, we’ve had several schools and not least the new concert hall. Only in the door product range we’ve delivered almost 5000 of them to different Stavanger projects in recent years”, says Kenneth Johansen, sales rep at SSC.

SSC’s client for the hotel project, like in several of the other projects, Norwegian contractor HENT, raises several of SSC’s advantages.
“SSC deliveries are efficient and of the correct design, they are also flexible and easy to take concerning changes during the duration of the project. In the end it’s always the best price for the specified products that is most important when choosing a supplier for each individual project”, says Roald Pettersen, head of purchasing at HENT.

The Clarion order crowns the export expansion that SSC has recently carried out.

“Since last year, we’ve increased our export activities with a staff of several people in their own department. This order is proof that this expansion is on the right track, which of course we’re very pleased with and inspired by”, says SSC CEO, Peter Forsséll.