Extensive and leading technical SSC investments create new and greater customer advantages

“It’s an investment programme throughout the entire SSC process chain with a strong market focus. The natural starting point has therefore been how to give our customers greater and clearer advantages”, says CEO Peter Forsséll.
“Meanwhile, many parts of this investment provide us with a higher capacity in production and smooths the way for continued growth in SSC. Several investments will also improve our cost efficiency, which is an advantage for both us and our customers.”
At a central level, new financial and CRM systems have already been launched to enable an even better control and follow up as well as to create a platform for process and method development. Investment is also being made to give a more efficient information transfer from the sales process to manufacturing using new, advanced technology.


One example is the manufacturing company SSC Klingan, which invested in an entire manufacturing line with the latest, intelligent CNC technology. Put simply, technology that enables machines to “talk to each other”. The first step that has now been carried out is an optimising saw and CNC machine as first and last station respectively in the new line.
“This means we now are the first company of our size in the world that can steer parts of our production flow using bar codes where the machines can hand over, “set up themselves” and operate independently for up to 60 minutes”, says Staffan Hällgren, MD at SSC Klingan.


Further rationalisation can be obtained by introducing SSC’s new product configurator. In this respect, SSC Klingan are pilots for the use of information during the entire production process.
“By optimising our information flow, we can reduce lead and set-up times considerably”, Hällgren tells us.
“Overall for SSC, these investments are one step in reinforcing our position as market leader. The more efficient our processes are, the more time and resources can be concentrated to our ability to create solutions, manufacture, deliver and quality assure. That is to say, what our customers value most about us as object specialists”, CEO Peter Forsséll concludes.