Vigorous export drive in the new SSC organisation

In recent years, SSC has implemented a number of major investments. One is the recently launched technology investment programme. Combining assembly operations in the subsidiary SSC Entreprenad another. We are now taking a proactive step to create clearer and greater customer benefits.

“With the new organisation, we are focusing even more on our export customers, not least the Norwegian market. This is being done by concentrating all export activities in a single, extended department. The newly appointed head of this department is Magnus Lindgren, who has over 20 years’ experience in export sales”, CEO Peter Forsséll tells us.

“Another aim with this new organisation is to optimise production expertise in the sales company. The goal is to guide our customers to all the service and products they will need via as few contacts as possible.”

An important part is also to focus on leadership development. Something which will eventually mean SSC will be able to free up more time to help customers get optimum service and product solutions.

“With this organisation, we will have a clearer focus on all vital parts of our operations. This means we can work even closer to our customers and provide better advice and solutions. That is to say, focus on what our customers value most of us as object specialists”, CEO Peter Forsséll concludes.