Strong strategic initiatives at object specialists SSC

”It is satisfying that our efforts have paid off. Particularly positive is that we have succeeded so well in terms of sales in all our product areas and thereby reinforced our position as specialists in the object market”, says SSC CEO Peter Forsséll.

This improvement is the result of cost savings, structural change and aggressive marketing and sales. The company has undertaken a thorough organisational review and adapted both cost and human resources. This means we can now reinforce competence in our strategically significant sales company.

”Our unique business model with a joint sales company and centre of excellence gives us a significant competitive edge. Especially in large prestigious projects, our high level of service and the extensive experience and knowledge in the sales company tips the scales in our favour. It is something that allows us to further reinforce our operations with recruiting”, says Forsséll.

One strategic initiative that has borne fruit directly is a concentrated effort by the company’s assembly operations in a completely new subsidiary, SSC Entreprenad.

”We’ve had a fantastic start here; only a few months after is formation, the company has more than a full year’s production in its order books.”

The fabricating companies in the SSC group are also investing aggressively, several have or are about to make multi-million investments in everything from better facilities to more efficient production.

”This all shows that we understand the needs of the object market and that it has great confidence in us. It is an inspiration, of course, to continue with the development of SSC”, Peter Forsséll concludes.