SSC a major supplier to the new auditorium at the Karolinska Institute

SSC a major supplier to the new auditorium at the Karolinska Institute 1

”SSC’s work has been considerable. The degree of difficulty of the project demanded they were included from the start and contributed with problem-solving during the planning stage”, Peter Gustafsson, chief engineer for clients Akademiska Hus tells us.

Aula Medica has been designed by Wingårdhs and the building has been a joint project between Akademiska Hus and NCC. Irene Knutar, project manager at NCC, agrees that SSC has played a considerable role.

”SSC’s expertise helped to save time and money while meeting the high demands on artistic expression and finish”, says Irene.


One striking example is the large heaven-like ceiling on the 2nd floor comprising roof panels mounted in a groove pattern together with 95 hand-ground prism lamps designed by Ingegerd Råman.

”In addition to the manufacture and installation of the ceiling itself, SSC also helped us work out how to fasten the prisms. This gives an indication of the additional assignments and expertise SSC has helped us with while the projects was on-going”, says Peter Gustafsson.

”The quality demands on both products and installation have been high. We’ve had angles, corners, niches, folds and arched surfaces with complicated radii and joins. That’s where the experience and expertise we have in SSC has been of great use. During the whole time, we have had a close dialogue with Akademiska Hus, NCC and Wingårdhs. It’s been a very inspirational and giving cooperation”, says Ulf Andersson, project manager at SSC.

In total, SSC delivered and installed around 3,500 sq.m. of wall panelling and around 1,500 sq.m. of ceiling panelling in Aula Medica, all panels are fire and sound-rated. Other products were ceiling reflectors, doors, glass sections and office glass sections.

”Manufacturing has involved several manufacturing companies in the SSC group. With hindsight, we can see that Aula Medica is one SSC’s finest reference projects”, says Peter Forsséll, CEO at SSC.

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