SSC launches unique fire-rated panel

SSC launches unique fire-rated panel 1

Peter Forsséll does not think there is any other plywood panelling with high pressure laminate covering in the world that can meet the European fire classification K210/B-s1, d0, see fact sheet below. The Classification Document showing that the SSC panelling meets this classification has been issued by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
”Together with Woodsafe Timber Protection in Västerås, who for more than ten years now has been our supplier of fire impregnation, we have been able to create a world product”, says Forsséll.
The plywood panels that are used are treated under pressure in large chambers. In the event of a fire, the crystals in the impregnation melt and release water and carbon dioxide.
”This makes the panel carbonise with a very undramatic and controllable progress”, says Thomas Bengtsson, owner of Woodsafe Timber Protection.

Panels at Karolinska Institute

SSC has received a new major order for fire-rated panelling from NCC, who are building a 1000-seat auditorium at the Karolinska Institute. This auditorium will be used for Nobel lectures, seminars and other events. The idea is that Karolinska Institute will also be able to utilise the premises for lectures linked to the Institute’s research and educational activities.
Both ceiling and wall panelling is manufactured and installed by SSC. A total of 5,400 square metres of fire-rated panelling is being used
”The wall panelling is a very special case because it will partly be prism shaped, all in order to create excellent acoustics in the auditorium. This order is testament to the quality of our panelling being world-class”, says Forsséll.

Will be a big seller

SSC’s fire-rated panelling is manufactured by SSC Lindvalls in Kalix.
”I am convinced that this type of panelling will be a real big seller. With this approval, we have a unique position on the market”, says Mats Lindvall, CEO of SSC Lindvalls.
To meet demand, SSC Lindvalls has invested SEK 4.5 million in an NC machine adapted for handling panelling and then especially acoustic drilling, and a 17 metre UV line for surface-finishing the panelling.
There are major advantages with panelling that has a high-pressure laminated surface. Architects are especially fond of it. Another advantage is that the panelling is easy to clean and including the surface coating, requires a space of only 17 millimetres, saving floor space in the room.
”That it is a natural wood product that is recyclable is another big plus”, concludes Forsséll.

Fact Sheet:
SSC panelling meets the following requirements and ratings

European standards:
Reaction to Fire B-s1,d0

National standards:
Fire protective cladding

Danish standards:
Class 1 cladding
Class A materials.
Compliant to DS-1065