SSC gears up its assembly operations in new, growth-oriented company

”For SSC, this is an important offensive and strategic step because our assembly services both attract our customers and differentiates us from competitors. With refinement, we increase both capacity and skills, and can thereby strengthen our market position significantly”, says SSC CEO Peter Forsséll.

SSC has been purposefully developing the assembly of its products into a competitive advantage. The market welcomed this development and today sees the purchase of assembly as both a resource and time-saving feature as well as a guarantee of the final product’s service life and quality. SSC and Berglund Bygg have in this context a common history, from collaboration in prestigious projects such as the House of Culture in Luleå. The creation of a joint construction company now reinforces assembly benefits further.


”Partly, we add expertise and partly contribute with key contact surfaces and networks for everything from customised project management to putting together really qualified and effective special skills. Furthermore, we see opportunities for additional sales in the form of traditional construction services”, says Pär Berglund, CEO of Berglund Bygg.

The assembly company has had a very advantageous start. Key functions such as corporate management and overall project management have been filled with experienced people. CEO of SSC Entreprenad is Berglund Bygg founder Kjell Berglund. The transfer of a number of people from SSC’s assembly operations means the company is fully operational from day one. There is also close to an entire year’s production in the order book. Most of the market is concentrated on large-scale construction projects in Mälardalen and the Stockholm area.

”With this formation, we are of course interested in Berglund Bygg’s tremendous opportunities to growth, while our core business will continue to exist in the Skellefteå area”, says Pär Berglund. ”SCC Entreprenad’s activities encompass from the start about 30 FTEs. Our ambition is ultimately to at least double that figure, which is very exciting and inspiring”, says Peter Forsséll.