SSC delivers special windows for brand new district in Stockholm

SSC delivers special windows for brand new district in Stockholm 1
Fotograf: Bengt Alm

Fotograf: Bengt Alm

”We have acted as a sounding board in principle throughout the entire process, which is not at all unusual in our role as project specialist. This has involved modifications to everything from details such as handles to angle of aperture,” says Paul Söderberg, salesperson at SSC’s centre of excellence.

The residential zone consists of seven buildings that vary interestingly and playfully in height between two, four and six floors. The inner courtyards are surrounded by warm red walls, while the street façades are grey-brown in colour. The French balconies and SSC’s windows tie together the exclusive visual look with external frames in a golden yellow tone.

”The windows are not merely aesthetically pleasing, they are also plentiful and tall for optimum inflow of light,” says Paul. ”Moreover, they all open inward and have an extra large angle of aperture for as wide a window opening as possible.”

The client is Stockholmshem, one of Sweden’s biggest housing companies, which is owned by the City of Stockholm. The public procurement process for the new residential zone saw some fierce competition.

”Stockholmshem chose us because we could supply the windows they wanted at the right price. As a project specialist we have to be competitive in all our processes, from calculation and coordination to production and delivery. On top of that, as mentioned, we can add more than 50 years of experience and expertise that makes us unique on the project market. That often tips the balance, which is naturally a great feeling,” concludes Paul.