SSC delivers radiation-proof special windows to Sahlgrenska

These windows have been developed in close collaboration by two SSC manufacturing companies, SSC Etri Fönster and SSC Klingan.

“This clearly shows how collaboration within the SSC Group can smoothly and cost-efficiently meet – design and produce – specific customer requirements”, says Bo Nyström, sales rep at SSC. All 450 outside windows have been prepared with radiation-proof glass. The windows that actually have lead glass will be located in the parts of the building facing rooms with X-ray and MRI equipment, etc. The secret behind rational product development and production can be found in SSC’s range of standard windows.

“It’s all about customising and developing a standard model from SSC Etri’s standard range. Modifications such as larger dimensions and depth of frame for blinds and electric blackout curtains have then been done together with SSC Klingan”, Nyström explains. As a leading supplier of joinery products and object specialist, SSC has a wide experience of producing special products for all kinds of large-scale building projects, not least for the health sector.

“Over the years, we have also developed and supplied interior doors that meet strict radiation requirements. Another example is the special safety and care facility doors we have developed for mental health services. Obviously it’s inspiring that we continue to receive inquiries from this part of the object market”, Nyström concludes.